The Vision:

Fear of failure among junior tennis players has hit an all time high. It’s not the UTR that is the main problem. It’s how players, parents and coaches are managing the psychology around it. As a result, players are massively underperforming in tournaments across the board. And they feel alone. I know because I’ve been working primarily with junior players for the past 25 years. 

However, It doesn’t have to be this way. Imagine your child or player, cautiously at first, but then increasingly participating in conversations with other junior players across the globe who share the same challenges they have—getting tight, playing it safe, worrying about the score, the UTR, and the consequences if they win or lose—and helping each other become mentally tougher. The online Fearless Tennis Academy will become a new and deeper pathway for juniors to build a mastery mindset so they can improve faster and win more, without the same level of stress. 

Meet Jeff Greenwald, CEO of Fearless Tennis, Best-Selling Author, Former No 1. in the World ITF

Jeff Greenwald, M.F.T., CEO of Fearless Tennis, is an internationally recognized sports psychology consultant, licensed therapist, and former professional tennis player. Inducted into the Northern California Hall of Fame in 2019, Jeff is a leading expert on the mental game, specializing in junior tennis players, and has worked with athletes in most sports over the past 20 years.

Fearless Tennis Academy Philosophy

Tennis is fast becoming a team-oriented sport.

If you've been watching professional tennis, and now even in junior tennis, "mini" teams are forming to help buffer them from stress and improve their chances of reaching their full potential. Players no longer have to be alone in their quest for success the way they were 10-20 years ago.

Increasingly, players at all levels have also finally begun to speak more openly about their personal experiences on and off the court. It is no longer taboo or weak to share the mental and emotional aspects that are a reality as a competitive tennis player. Over the past year, it appears that more and more junior players are actually asking for the support of a "mental coach." Parents no longer have to tip-toe around this aspect of the game that is being highlighted 24/7, whether at the home or on the court.

The reality is that mental training is here to stay. Learning to cope with adversity, and even thrive, is no longer a luxury. It has become a necessity for players to reach their potential in tennis. Without it, young players will be missing out on a critical edge, not just in performance, but in their life skills, given the new world of social media and the fear and loneliness this is creating.

"People think that being vulnerable is a weakness. I see it as just the opposite." -Paula Bedosa

What can Players expect with the Fearless Tennis Academy?

  • Connect positively with peers in "pods" (tier 1 option only) and be guided by a D1 or professional tennis player

  • Live zoom sessions with Jeff for players and parent before tournaments

  • Players performance tracking in your personal training space

  • Weekly video or audio based on themes in pod discussions and online courses

  • Jeff's two-part Fearless Tennis Course

  • Access to Jeff at discounted prices


“Jeff ’s competitive experience and his climb to number one in the world in the 35's bring depth, dimension, and authenticity to his voice and to his suggestions. Jeff ’s approach to fearless tennis represents a real contribution to the field of applied sports psychology and is helpful for every serious competitive tennis player.”

“Jeff’s Fearless Tennis system helps players learn difficult mental skills that make the difference between winning and losing.”

“Jeff’s mental toughness courses really helped me stay focused on the court. Before doing his program I would not have been able to beat two players I had previously lost to. I was able to focus my mind on the present and not focus on the score as much. He taught me many strategies that helped me think less and play more on my terms.”

Tier Two 3 Month Pricing Options

Tier One 3 Month Pricing Options (Discount for 3 Months)

How Will Players Benefit?

  • Dramatically more motivated to compete and train

  • Consistently looser and less "tight" in competition

  • Greater emotional control after mistakes

  • Greater confidence in pressure situations

  • Closing out leads in matches

  • More attractive candidate for college coaches