Course Overview

  • Course Description

    Fearless Tennis Platinum Part 2 includes 8 modules cultivated over 20 years that will help you create and train your optimal performance state. This course specifically will help you develop a fearless mindset, embrace pressure, play with gratitude, close out a lead, drop tension and more so you can play your best tennis under pressure.

  • Course Contents

    12 Videos; 9 PDFs; 18 Audios; 4.0 hours for the total course

  • Instructor

    Jeff Greenwald is an internationally recognized sport psychology consultant and author of The Best Tennis of Your Life. He was ranked No. 1 in the world in the men's 35 age division and is a two-time ITF Senior World Champion. He works with players around the world on the mental game. He is a consultant for the USTA and on the speakers bureau for Wilson Sporting Goods.

Course curriculum

  • 01
    Chapter 1: Developing Your New Vision
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    • Transcending the Universal Challenge
    • Deepening your Optimal Performance State
    • Personal Visualization Script
  • 02
    Chapter 2: Playing with Gratitude
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    • Gratitude as the Doorway to Fearless Tennis
    • Optimizing Body Presence
    • Building the Internal Fire for Peak Performance
    • Play with Gratitude Action (PDF)
  • 03
    Chapter 3: The Pressure Principle
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    • Embracing Pressure
    • Make Pressure Temporary
    • Permission to Miss Action (PDF)
    • Embracing Pressure Visualization
  • 04
    Chapter 4: Developing Unshakeable Confidence
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    • The Keys to Controlling your Confidence
    • Unconditional Confidence Applied
    • Broaden your Definition of Confidence Action (PDF)
    • Increasing Confidence on your Second Serve
  • 05
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    • Train To Be Loose
    • The Keys to Getting Loose on Demand
    • Loose and Aggressive on the Second Serve
    • Loosen up When it Counts Action (PDF)
  • 06
    Chapter 6: The Intensity Dial
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    • Intensity Plus Looseness
    • Optimizing and Personalizing your Intensity
    • Optimal Match Preparation
    • Intensity Training Worksheet
  • 07
    Chapter 7: The Power of Intention
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    • Playing with Intention
    • Power of Intention
    • Attacking Net in Doubles
    • Intention Action Worksheet
  • 08
    Chapter 8: Making Adjustments like the Pros
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    • The Art of Adjustments
    • How to Make Successful Adjustments
    • Making Winning Adjustments Worksheet
  • 09
    Chapter 9: Situational Pressure Management
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    • Closing out A Lead On-Court
    • Closing out a Lead Interview
    • Winning Tiebreakers
    • Managing Pressure Situations Worksheet
  • 10
    Chapter 10: Putting it All Together
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    • Fearless Tennis On-Court Summary
    • Visualizing your New State with the Dials
    • Weekly Regimen
    • Play out of your Mind (Quick Start PDF)
    • Fearless Tennis Closing


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